The aim of the experiment is to monitor the temperature inside the cluster of a honey bee colony and to compare this with other temperatures outside the cluster,inside the hive and outside the hive.

We are a group of beekeepers based in Snowdonia, North Wales.

The system has been running since December 2010 in that time we have had a fascinating insight into the complexities of temperature profile inside a honey bee colony throughout the year. This data is available online and can be navigated through using the interactive live graph on the ‘live data’ page.

The project is powered by custom OpenEnergyMonitor.org hardware Emoncms.org visualisation web software. See Our Setup page for technical info.

The project is open-source, we have attempted to make as much info about the system available as possible and we welcome contributions; in particular related to monitoring of hive weight, this is the next feature we would like to add to the monitoring system.

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