The system used in the project was developed and set-up in conjunction with OpenEnergyMonitor, open-source energy and environmental monitoring.

The hardware is based on an Arduino an open-source microprocessor development board. Data is obtained from 5 x DS18B20 temperature sensors, readings are taken every 60’s. The equipment in the hive is powered by a 12V lead acid battery which is kept topped up by a small solar PV panel.

Crownboard diagram

Hive Hardware

Hive Hardware

The data is transmitted from the hive via ASK 433Mhz RF link to a receiver Arduino board about 50m away which is connected via USB serial to a web-connected Raspberry Pi (Linux credit card sized mini-computer) running OpenEnergyMonitor’s EmonHub software. The serial listener in EmonHub is used to decode the data and post to open-source web-application for logging, graphing and analysing.

Arduino sketch open-source code and further info on Raspberry Pi EmonHub setup can be found on the BeeMonitor GitHub repository.


Brood frame with Cluster sensor

Sensor in Honey Super

Sensor in Honey Super

8 thoughts on “Setup”

  1. you say that :”equipment in the hive is powered by a 12V lead acid battery which is kept topped up by a small solar PV panel.can you harvest thermoelectric from the bees/hives to power the equipment?

    • Interesting idea! Assuming we could capture the energy I don’t think it would be nearly enough to power the system. Not sure how we would go about attempting to captured…

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